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We all are element of chaos.We make mistakes , we get angry , we fight, we surrender yet the love within does not recede even by an inch .If its love it can bear anything  , it can be tested to impractical sacrifices and survives yet the only thing that haunts it is truth .Truth of acceptance ..truth of happiness ...truth of being one .We are all enchained to this .Yes we deny sometimes ..but I wonder if we can get rid of this truth .
I am all an element of chaos.
Life has brought me to an extent that I can pen down and make the world cry , to an extent that It can let your pillow sink in the sobs , to an extent that love has never been to earlier in histories . Yet it is this extent that puts me to realization " oh my nibs collapsed ..refills frozen ... keystrokes numb ".

You are all an element of chaos.
(Its)Chaos that alters your priority sometimes ..chaos that brings a third person singul…

happy birthday gulzar

HASH TAG YOUR ROLL NO. WITH A VISION : Institute Foundation Day.

August 18, 2013 Institute Foundation Day.
Good morning IIT Kharagpur .
Thank you for  Peace and tranquility muffled in cottons of love , confidence and an imparted charisma that rare people on the good earth get a chance to have .

Its really an element of surprise that you get an year older every time and we fail to notice how it happened so momentarily.

The said to be the foundation stone of IIT Kharagpur has been a symbolic witness of more than almost 60 years of battles and wars .It has witnessed success in the form of redemption : from a detention camp to a torch bearer of technological understandings that gets reflected in its alumni contribution to technical advancement in India and abroad.

It has witnessed marks and scars symbolic of what we have lost [ in reference to its upbringing from the trauma of detention and world war II ] , and then what ever we have conquered of socially as well as politically .The ongoing phase of Indian polity and the year hence phase of electoral expostul…

a little dream and a little you.

Little little button eyes, little stupid little wise .
Little cheesy choppy cheeks 
little silken ,little sleeks.

A little late pouring monsoon 
on window slab , a little moon .
To my little serious baritone 
your little sweet slimy tune .

A little stream of kissing zephyr
Little humor and a little satire .\
A little cute caked name 
in little little glittering flame ,

And all that I can put from here 
A little hope and a little cheer .
Little wishes and little love 
and like the little little morning dew
a little dream and a little you.

ये हमारे अफसानों की मासूम सी हकीकत है ||

ये हमारे अफसानों की मासूम सी हकीकत है |
हम यहाँ इस शाम के 
खामोश टुकड़े पे पल रहे हैं  ;
आप वहाँ इसी शाम के 
बेपरवाह टुकड़ों में जल रहे हैं |

आपके हिस्से में
 कहीं हम हैं .... कहीं वो है;
कहीं शीशे के माफिक बिखरी तल्खियाँ ;
कहीं उनके तकलीफों में हमारी खामोशियाँ |
कहीं हमारे तोहफे में उनकी तारीख़;
कहीं हमारी खामोशियों में उनकी तकलीफ |

और मेरे हिस्से में 
आप हैं ..आपकी मासूमि है...
आपकी ध्वनि  है ,.....आपकी प्रतिध्वनि है  ...
और जो आप हैं
तो किसी और की क्या ही जरुरत है |
ये हमारे अफसानों की मासूम सी हकीकत है ||

और मेरे हिस्से में 
आपके होठों की दरियादिली है 
जो हर पिघलते शाम को जवाँ बना देती है|

और मेरे हिस्से में 
आपके आँखों का सुरूर है ....
बस लम्हे भर की हँसी है ...
जो कागजों को आईना बना देती है |

वैसे भी...... 
बाजार में हमारे लफ़्ज़ों की क्या ही कीमत है ;
ये हमारे अफसानों की मासूम सी हकीकत है ||