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I am confused .

I am the hero of someone's dream ;
I am the villain of someone's interpretation ;
I am as eternal as chaos in your approximity ;
I am as real as the rising sun .

I am in love , atleast I pretend .
I am in love , atleast they interpret .
Yet I have never been in love .

I have never witnessed;
 the love as expressed
in  people's literature, in sonnets and music .
I have never seen
 stars shining  and moons seren .
I am a monologue , a loaner
in anguish and fear to carve a  sky .
I am the dialogue ,
answer to my  conscience;
to win or to lose , but not to get rejected.

I am confused
for I am not in love
 as dictated by sonnets ;
 as presented by classics ;
as portrayed by theaters ;
as pretended by protagonist in reels.
I am not in love
as they are , as they all are .
Yet I smile when she smiles ;
Yet I drink when her pain travels .

Illumination : More or less an epilogue well written

1400 sq. ft of bamboo chatai , 20000 diyas ,100  people with 100 candles struggle to create a magnum opus , of type and degree rarely cherished . Epic mesmerization and clamour to get shot with a quality lens remains the talk of the evening . Almost 3000 and more than that photographs selfies and non-selfies are taken with an illuminating background in a span of 3 hours.

Nothing has changed over the year except the sincerity to contribute towards this illuminating background. Nothing has changed over the year except the enthusiasm to create this masterpiece .

Illumination has always remained a cultural instrument to be forwarded by a generation to the next  since more than 30 years ( arguably 35 ). I , as an individual have been quite a near sight observant of this since last four years and I have realized that there has been a rapid change in the universe minus illumination over these four years . There has been rise and rise of social networking , technological advancement in cellu…


Getting clicked is not a passion neither a choice . I realised this while talking to one of my friend about Diwali celebration . Precisely , while concluding the talk she said " wow , that's nice .Get yourself clicked ." 
I don't have much affection towards camera .Staying still in a pose that is arguably not so much as you are , is substantially not a matter to be appreciated .However I had a notion to keep safe the time and history through pictures . And with this perspective of clicking things just as a symbol of futuristic nostalgia I lived almost 24 years of my life . 

But this certainly is not the scenario . People don't get clicked just because they want to keep a part of evening safe with themselves . People get clicked or demand to get clicked because of a responsibility .That responsibility might be in form of a text from some HIGH COMMAND ,as it is in my case , or may be in form of INSTAGRAM demand , or may be in form of staying on soci…

BJPian Majoriterianism sweeps two state.

Though I wrote this poetry for one advertisement design competition .However later we decided to drop it due to use of some heavy weight words . It seems quite fitting today.

रुको नहीं ,चले चलो 
ये क्षितिज भी तुम से है 
ये धरा भी तुम से है 
तुम में है अग्नि प्रखर 
तुम में है प्रतिज्ञा स्वर 

तुम से है तेरी रागिनी , तुम से है तेरी लेखनी 
तुम से है तेरी प्रतिस्प्रधा , तुम से है तेरी रश्मियाँ |
रुको नहीं ,  खुद को अग्रसर करो  |
बीजेपी के साथ , कुछ बेहतर करो |

FEVER BLOG : कभी कभी यूँ भी होता है इश्क़ में

कभी कभी यूँ भी होता है इश्क़ में :
कुछ भी इश्क़ जैसा नहीं रहता | 
न कुछ कहने को होता है , 
न कोई सुनने को चश्मदीद ;
न कोई आहट , न दिल्लगी 
न कोई सरसराहट किसी के आने जाने की |
तब ये दीवारें , थोड़ी मुश्किल सी लगती है |
कुछ कुछ मुजरिम सा एहसास होता है |

कभी कभी यूँ भी होता है इश्क़ में :
 तबियत ज़ार ज़ार हो जाती है 
कुछ भी इश्क़ जैसा नहीं रहता ||