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captured........darjeeling-gangtok memory lane

may 4,2012
3:30 am
A little boy knocked me.'sir,begusarai'.
i stepped out of the bus.the small town was muffled in darkness.bus stand name was slightly visible_jannayak jai prakash narayan.........
some tea and paan shops were quite open.
a flickering hope, a flickering eye, and a flickering vapour lamp every where.roads were lull,except the screeches and sirens of passing by national permit trucks or night buses.i was just quivering.
 a unique india lies within this india.

an india that covers the most of the pie india that's modest yet vulnerable,that lives becoz they need to live.well its not just an india.. a perspective rather ...a frame of reference rather..from where we perceive ourselves smarter.we seldom talk about that india and when ever we talk,.... we talk diplomatically,politically and to be precise dramatically.
their streets their walls do not get posters of big movies(read critically correct).they don't have sense of critical quotient we…