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Try to make an opinion where it actually matters

There are two types of issues, we all notice, read or go through everyday from newspapers, facebook or  twitter trends.
The first one are all those where we cry and cry, yet fail to make a difference. Some actor said "India is intolerant", someone reverted " No, its tolerant". These are  news born out of fucked up heartland of social media.

The other one are all those where we can make a difference, yet we choose to neglect. An 18 year old girl, while preparing for JEE in Kota decided to quit, hanged herself out of depression and fear of failure. This is sensitive and this is born out of society we all live in, society which has created a pretentious pressure on its own kids, Parents who have started comparing their kids with the neighbour kids. This is an outcome of priority to marks and competitive examinations, that our parents have fixed, your uncles, your aunties have fixed. These are people who will listen to you if you choose to make them realize. Modi and …

Choice of hypothesis

A statistician was asked to test the hypothesis, H0: Terrorism has no religion. The statistician demarcates the concerned population size, draws a large sample space runs the t-test at 99.9 % confidence interval and hypothesis H0 gets rejected. As the population in this context, consists of terror driven demographics, this was inevitable. The same statistician was asked again to test the hypothesis, H0: Religion has nothing to do with terrorism. The statistician demarcates the concerned population size, draws a large sample space runs the t-test at 99.9 % confidence interval and he fails to reject the hypothesis H0. As the population in this context, consists of typical social demographics independent of any inclination towards religion and sect, the statistician observed the same distribution of criminality over whole space. It had people from Syria, it had people from Mumbai, It had people from New York, It had people from Iraq  and hence inference was inevitable. The point is there…


I theoretically keep a distance from that mass of people, who attempt or spread their perception about ‪#‎Nehru‬ based on some media articles or photographs. Nehru can't be understood just on the basis of a photograph where he got clicked beside a hoarding " YAHAN PHOTO KHEENCHNA MANA HAI ". Neither should he be understood on the basis of that cigarette he is smoking in one of the viral photograph. If you have not been the part of 1950s, you need to read 1950s. The social and economic structure of 1950s are the best judge of Nehru and Nehruvian Leftism. Existence of an ideology is backed by requirements of society. Nehru existed because his existence was required. Children's day is over, and so is all those Nehru related posts, yet this idea should find place in your mind that Nehru deserves respect for what he did over and above whatever he couldn't .


I have been told 
Pink is shy and Green is bold . 

She is a girl and she doesn't care 
what else is  style and what else is fair : 
A pink hair band and a deep green sweater 
No kohl in eyes, no painted lips 
No care for diet , 
(Yes I saw her buying chips) . 

She has no craft 
No sentiment for ironies 
Her hairs are straight, 
No curls, No attempt . 

She carries heavy bag always biased She writes black ink 
reads technique
talks like a consultant 
walks like a geek 

But when she SMILES
and blinks her eyes 
I realise
pink band and green sweater 
kohl and lips , diet and chips 
straight hairs and heavy bags 
are just lies, damn lies . 

I have been told 
beauty lies in act, wait and behold.