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ink your thumb with electoral ethics

since the ballotmenia takes its call here i present a shortlisted note to be consumed before you vote friends,collegues and all to whom it may concern its election ,an assumed to be religion in country like india.

beyond chauvinism there comes the sense of globalism.being iitian,being kgpian and more importantly being human we need to take care of our individualism.our individualism that gets defined by the institute  at lets think beyond the narrow residential politics.come on be a kgpian that protagonist of spiderman says"choices..we can always make the correct one".
ofcourse we can,for sure we will, by right we must,and by duty we should make the 
correct choice.just let your choice be yours and not emotionally entrusted to you by your approximity.let your choice get inclined to the sincere leadership,the more sincere workmanship and not to the mere showmanship.come on ...we need a torch bearer and not an interpreter or a manipulator or a spokesperson.let yo…


some morning rays were peeping out of leaves.
scintillating fabrics ,that spider weaves.
traffic too loose,yet too colored.
packets too synthetic ,yet too revered.
It was some promising yet embryonic summer of 1999-2000.holystic and holi sister was on the terrace top since morning(a symptom of phobia from colour as some people may read it).and i was on the road ,on the foot path pitted with dusts sandwitched with water and the banana juice that we genius kids always use to put an everlasting mark on every robe we come across.we indians always have free water for these things.There were some set algorithms being followed since this society of ours evolved.and hence algorithms were being considered as tradition by mistake.

step 1__we welcome you with some one or two buckets of muds,and hence you get the certificate to welcome the rest.and early birds with considerable temprament used to be core team members.

step 2__change your robe if required and then put a knock to every house…

virtual talks.

hello so how things are rolling? fine,you say. just called out of memory persuaded nostelgia. memory persuaded nostelgia... well that time and again invades my inertia........ you know some random nights i see you in my dream. making castles together before i wake up and scream. difference! things you see randomly are frequent to me. oh! i see, but what about that compromise you taught me some day? that makes me a good teacher. need is student of genuine feature. and what about that cherishing beauty out of memories,you taught? were not you optimist my dear? was just what you made out of me,my dear. optimists fly up,get burnt. pessimists fall down,get drown. and where is that beauty beholder? beauty beholders never die. see, without any rhyme they make you cry.