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Reflections and memories : The Dalit story

Its saturday .
I can't deny the constructive that my mid-semester is going to start from Monday , yet while reading the COMMENT page The Hindu article titled " A rightward shifts in Dalit politics " reminds me of old days reflections and memories . As the author expresses his point of fractured dalit identity seeing its representation in BJP-NDA (read Modi -Paswan) ideology , the pretext reminds me some of the old reflections and memories  coming from my school day history and democratic lectures .

1. First story originates from a small village named Yeola , Nasik from where my friend Sarang yeola comes ,though he denies the point as he does not know much history except the history of architecture . Dr Ambedkar , In one of the conference in Yeola said that as it perpetuates social injustice , he does not want to die hindu. This whistle blowing statement lead to 1936 "all religion conference " where representatives from Muslim ,Sikh , Christian , Buddhism put forw…

ख़ामोशी का चादर

हम हैं गुस्ताख़ 
बेफिक्र , फकीरी में जीने वाले 
हम चुप रहे , ये समझ जा सकता है 
वो फिक्रमंद 
मुहब्बत की सीपियों को चुनने वाले हैं 
वो चुप रहें , बड़ा भारी गुजरता है 

ये एक ख़ामोशी का चादर ;
रात के
कतरे कतरे ओस की बूंदों से
भारी होता चला जा रहा है |

मैं किससे लड़ रहा हूँ

वो कौन है 
जो मुझसे  जीता है 
जिसकी ख्वाईश में मेरा चेहरा है 
जिसका मैं अक्स हूँ , और इत्तेफ़ाक़ भी 
जिसका मैं गुरुर हूँ , और हयात भी 
जिसके गिरेबाँ में मेरा रंग , दुपट्टे में मेरी खुशबू 
जिसकी  आँखों में मेरा दर्द , लफ्ज़ में मेरे नगमे ||
वो कौन है 
जिसमें मैं बीतता हूँ ?

वो कौन है 
जिससे मैं जीता हूँ |
जिसकी जुल्फें मेरे सपनों को रंगीनियत देते हैं 
जो मेरी हर एक आह का हिस्सा है 
जो मेरे हर एक लफ्ज़ को सुनता है , चुनता है
जो मेरे अफसानों का साहिर है 
जो मेरी आरजू से वाकिफ है ||
वो कौन है 
जो मुझमें बीतता है ?

हुई मुद्दत , कोई टोके , एहसास दिलाये 
मैं किससे लड़ रहा हूँ , किसके वास्ते ?

Evening address : teachers day 2014

Sept 7 , 2014 
Pre script : we celebrated Teachers' day on 7th this year just to make use of sunday , and make the event grand  which included a painting and sketch competition for all kid of various schools of kharagpur and finally the cultural evening .Thank you Manish and his team for such a prolific arrangement and logistics.
Just sharing my part of the evening .

Respected  Deputy Director Prof. saubhik Bhattacharya ,Esteemed professors , my dear friends and colleagues and my youngers ,who are representing various schools of kharagpur - in each of you I see a future , a vision for a better society.

Before I start this evening note on behalf of Radhakrishnan hall of residence 
Carrying the culture and history , we continue to celebrate this evening as teachers' day : as a mark of commemoration to Dr S. Radhakrishnan : an Indian philosopher and statesman ,
1st vice -president and then president of India , spalding professor of eastern religion…

The original crush : Sarah Kay is a gorgeous girl

Sarah Kay is a gorgeous girl .

With that tiny eyes and winey charm 
flowering pupils , and lime white teeth 
Sarah Kay is a gorgeous girl .
Have you seen her reciting rhymes 
holding that microphone stand ,
dictating fingers up and down 
and those sleeveless frock dangling up to knee 
Sarah Kay is a gorgeous girl .

And so I quote with all senses 
"Sarah  , You are beautiful .
When you first wake up,
“You are beautiful.”
When you’ve just been crying,
“You are beautiful.”
When you don’t wanna hear it,
“You are beautiful.”
When you don’t believe it,
“You are beautiful.”
When nobody else will tell you,
“You are beautiful.”
Love still thinks, “You are beautiful.”

Sarah Kay is a gorgeous girl 
With that string around the neck 
and the stone greenish - blue .
Yet the  only fact  that goes wrong 
she is 26 , I am twenty two.

P.S : Quote has been taken from Sarah Kay 's poem "when love arrives". Sarah Kay is an American poet. Known for her spoken word poetry