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जीने को और क्या चाहिए -2

बस इसी तरह  
सबों के सामने लड़ते रहे हम ;
और चुप चुप के 
छुप छुप के आहें भरते रहे हम |
जीने को और क्या चाहिए ||

कोई नींद में ऐसे ही छम्म से आया करे ;
कोई अश्कों में खुद को मिला के रुलाया करे;
कोई उम्मीद से हम उनके  रास्ते देखा करें  
और वो  आँख झुकाए ही गुजर जाया करे|
जीने को और क्या चाहिए ||

किसी के वास्ते सुरूर इतना दिल में जम जाए ;
की एक  मुस्कराहट पर ही पिघल जाया करे |
कोई आइने में इस तरह से नज़र आने लगे 
की सजे वो , और हम संवर जाया करें |
जीने को और क्या चाहिए ||

<किसी की ख्वाइशओं पे ऐसे  मरने लगे हम >
किसी के लफ़्ज़ों की इनायतों में 
हर रात जगे हम ;
की फलक में जुल्फें ,
सितारों में आँखें ,नज़र आने लगे हैं |
और जो मौसमों की सायरी हमने बुनी थी  ;
वही आज  हमारे सिरहाने लगे हैं |
अब किस किस से करें शिकायत उनकी 
हर चेहरे में वही नज़र आने लगे हैं ;
जो उम्र ढल गयी ;
इश्क से बेहतर हकीकत ढूंढने में :
अब हम भी मोहब्बत  से ही काम चलाने लगे हैं||
 अब बस इसी तरह  
सबों के सामने लड़ते रहे हम ;
और चुप चुप के 
छुप छुप के आहें भरते रहे हम ||


I was wondering since morning .What should I write today? There are many things in my mind .Should I go for the depiction of darkness that forge your face every night , or for the early morning sun rays that always succeeds in penetrating the window pane? Oh yes ! there is a stretched bit of loneliness to share and like this and that there are many such things that I can conjecture to amaze you.Anyway at the end of the day ,while the sun was getting merged in the horizon ,I decided to jot  down the little things , thread you with little little things carved over imagination , polished over dream and perfected over night .I decided to revisit one old diary page .
May 9 ,2013 .
MY dear little little you in my little little me ,
you know the worst thing Imperialism did to the whole world is that it made english quite inexpensive and  easily accessed language.You will get this language scripted on the gullies , on the streets.The attached internationalism to this lang…


May be because "It's always our self we find in the sea.”or may be because the strong analogy water hold with life as it goes on irrespective of whatever it dissolves ...or may be the inductive serenity , You never get tired of water .
“It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.” 
― Nicholas SparksThe Notebook

Comfort ,freedom, an aura of redemption and the sunny rays reflecting back from waves ,kissing my cheeks and knowingly or unknowingly melting the sun cream ...I have never expected more than this from nature . The day with Alappuzha/Alleppey was precisely a floating day  :Six good hours of boating across Alleppey backwaters .

The panoramic view of back waters taken from boat 

Coconut trees have its own charm."And the kerala coconut beer is a must try, its sumptuous in taste and cheaper than kingfisher "said one resident.
Anyway it was tough to  break off the so called elitism.

standing logs , chirping birds , and water water every where…

KERALA TOURISM : namkeen paani and day 1

Before I start putting the glances of god’s own country as they say ,that train journey extended over  the span of 48 hours deserves a firm mention . The worst part of story was : no pantry car ,that simply means food was an issue and was like a setback to foodie people .People were racing between the halt time of train bringing something and something as its good to have something than nothing .And the best part of the story was :Chinua Acheyba. I was rushing through his cult classic magnum opus “things fall apart” till end of the journey before I completed it . And when ever I passed by a lingering line ,it was a time to take a break and discuss. "When the moon is shining the cripple becomes hungry for a walk." Anyway the breaks  were variably filled by playing cards, sleeping and of course arguments. Prolixity has never been alien to this country . You just need to put your tattered english accent sandwiched with desi tadka and topics ………….yes ,topics can …