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When it rains ; It floods in my street smooching every live corpuscle ; skinning every live vein It floods in my heart . It floods in my pain .
When it rains It melts over walls like the blue Sapphire. Drips down my cheeks ; camouflaging my tears and soaking my attire. Rolls down to your breast reeling textures of voids between you and me. And carries down to the lane untold negotiations ,an era of love muffled in serenity .
When it rains I run upstairs to the tip of the roof top, Drinking rains deep to the lees
Till my eyes surrender to your pain.
When it rains  people get wet ,people get drown I just feel it and move on .


JIAH KHAN/ NAFISA KHAN ,25 , actor ,poet , singer , dreamer commits suicide in her Juhu apartment .This suicide changed my perception about a dreamer.

Point is that we all are either a dreamer or the one being dreamed...the one who floats in memories like roses ...the one who keeps someone alive out of all hardships .
We are the one being  fecundity of some one's mind and if not then we are the one who believes to be a dreamer 
.By dreamer I always meant a prophet , a visionary , a brain mass epitomized by speculations . Their tears are meant to perceive the pain beneath the future , their blood is meant to direct an imagination , an inspiration where tributaries of inspirations join them to make this world a better place .
Remember its dream that delimits us , its dream that gives us wings to fly and flutter above multitudes of recklessness.Dream is meant to empower us , guide us the lessons of indifference when we are clutched between discrimination,.Dream is meant to  fetch us …

KERALA TOURISM :Munnar surrealism

I know its quite tough to write those days .Reading  things like statistics ,regression ,financial mathematics and all those craps like risk ,claim and what ever had been quite tough to carve out a line indifferent to these clipped papers spread over two beds .Anyway as these papers are over , it should be my prime to wrap up the munnar surrealism.

The hilly relief , the layers and layers of tea garden spread across its breast like the tattered blanket , steady yet testing water falls , the lulls spread across the wild life , and the weather ....all are more like a reminder .
It all started with the early morning sunrise .

Beauty of Munnar lies in its vastly extended serenity .