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 a master 
 an artist,
 a rare breed of the so called sapience specie,
 a dictator whose knee never bent down,
 a pair eyes that behold the faith personified,
 an elbow habituated of injuries  and recovery ,
 an idea that shaped this game
 beyond the boundaries
 of eleven little known nation,
 an aura that changed the face of this game
 from an act to religion ,
 from a being to godliness ,
 from a structure defined by set old dictums
 to an emotionalia that sweeps off millions of heart ,
 I agree and I have no question if some one says
 "time stands frozen in front of this man".

||शाम कुछ अजीब थी||

शाम कुछ अजीब थी
हलक पे अटका रहा चर्चा तेरा |
कुछ  किफायती लम्हों में
उफनता रहा रुतबा तेरा ;
खिडकियों के शीशों पे
बे पर्द सा चेहरा तेरा ;
 दौड़ती परछाईयों में
कुछ मिला जुला मोहरा तेरा ;
शाम कुछ अजीब थी
हलक पे अटका रहा चर्चा तेरा ||

देर तक तेरी दिल्लगी से
लड़ता रहा जज्वा मेरा
देर तक तेरी आँखों  में
कुछ ढूंढता  रहा चेहरा मेरा
जुल्फों में उलझा रहा
इत्तेफाके कोई सिलसिला 
कुछ अश्क मिले , कुछ गीत मिले
और हर गीत  में  मेरे लफ्ज़ मिले
कुछ टूटे टूटे वादे मिले
कुछ सीधे साधे इरादे मिले
हम ये सोच कर थम से गए
की खोजें हम क्या क्या तेरा !
शाम कुछ अजीब थी
हलक पे अटका रहा चर्चा तेरा ||

इस गली में हम किस से  कहें
बेख़ौफ़ सा किस्सा तेरा
इस गली में  हम किस से मिलें
समझेगा कौन वास्ता मेरा
मेरे सिवा है कौन और
चुप चुप गिनता लम्हा तेरा
ख्वाइश तेरी ,फरमाइश तेरी
उल्फत तेरा ,पर्दा  तेरा
 शाम कुछ अजीब थी
हलक पे अटका रहा चर्चा तेरा ||

अब चिरागों से हम और मांगें क्या
मिल जो गया सेहरा तेरा ;
आशिकी तेरी ,मोहबत तेरा
और होठों से सौदा तेरा ;
शाम कुछ अजीब थी
हलक पे अटका रहा चर्चा तेरा ||

Discussion of space in Yash Chopra’s reel Punjab versus real Punjab.

solicited thanks to Viswaroop Misra
Born in Lahore ,to a Punjabi family Yash Chopra started his career as an assistant director followed by script writer ,director and producer.To be precise he was an embodiment of art and a personification of act.In the context of topic concerned we are going to discuss the perspectives of Yash Chopra as presented in movies like Silsila(1981),Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge (1994),Veer-Zara(2004) and many such screen shots set on the back drop of Punjab and its culture, that he flamed to life through his lens and brain.
PUNJAB AGRICULTURE : an element of mental space of british governance
Agriculture is the largest industry in Punjab.Some two-fifths of Punjab’s population is engaged in the agricultural sector, which accounts for a significant segment of the state’s gross product. Punjab produces an important portion of India’s food grain and contributes a major share of the wheat and rice stock held by the Central Pool (a national repository…

REMINISCING :the age old diary pages.

These days I do not get lines to ink. 
Neither I do get wines to drink 
nor I do have issues to think. 
Memories and stones are making collusion. 
To be or not to be that is the question. 

My caliber,my genuinity are at stake. 
The coagulated time has put a break. 
The integrated heart is coerced to dissolution. 
To be or not to be that is the question. 

The most I miss these days, 
are the ever bright sun rays. 
In pieces I see my budding clique. 
The pristine river, getting autocratic;
The sweet morning, getting dark and cryptic;
How long will I gaze out of my window? 
How long will I wait for the sunny radiation? 
To be or not to be that is the question. 

Sometimes it blinks 
sometimes it shines. 
Sometimes I feel at cloud nine. 
But all it seems a part of anodyne. 
My past, my present are playing juxtaposition. 
To be and not to be that is the question.
Taken from 
 July 7, 2011 

VALENTINE DIARY:The question persists "will you be my valentine!!"

n.b.-Wow! Got this piece in my last year diary. Feb14 2012. A break through ,a new day,known world wide and so celebrated,understood too little yet elaborated so much,dilute in meaning yet concentrated to shyness.
In my mirror I saw one small kid and one little serene afternoon. I tell you afternoon was my first love---the very first valentine,days ago when I could not even pronounce this word phonetically. and the list cotinues..time flows...entropy gets directed.
Let me list the list of valentines lost and valentines regained.
JUST KIDDING : It all started with some serene afternoon of summer(1996-97).Amidst coal fields there lie some structural sectors,blocks--bhuli nagar D block sector 9..I still remember.and better I remember 'my other ego'.One little kid sitting on the window desk of third floor,counting passerby vehicles.....and even better I remember one tracker accident that snatched all regale from me.That beauty beneath people shivering still walking hard to workplace,beau…