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"to be or not to be " of BS/EVS 4 hour class

Scenario is that every wednesday the continuous four hours are boring ",some people say...irresistible some people say.I have even heard remarks like depressive and life threatening from the so called attendance philic block of the batch.
yes, I am talking about the four hour slot of basic science and environmental science.
 Today afternoon when almost half of the institute was chattering keyboard ,struggling with chat box dilemma of what to say what not to say,hitting angry birds,or surfing dc++(an incampus facility: DC++ is a free and open-source alternative to the original client, NeoModus Direct Connect (NMDC); it connects to the same file-sharing network and supports the same file-sharing protocol. One of the reasons commonly attributed to the aforementioned popularity of DC++ is that it has no adware of any kind, unlike NMDC.),I was the one absorbed in the class room .I was just trying to trace out some proposal to paint the scenario with a bit indolent brush.

The basic object…

"should hockey-India's national game be privatized?"

This is my evening debate piece on the grand occasion of the foundation day IIT Kharagpur.
well by heart I was not against the motion but I was told to oppose the motion.

Good evening,
coming straight to the motion and against the motion "should hockey-India's national game be privatized?" my answer is no.

Through the ironic effort out of the white men's burden ,India and pakistan were the two countries where this game flourished ,nurtured ans soon mesmerized the city with its aura.
Today it is in a baffling state,passing through the phase of saturation,but privatization is not the gate way to perfection.
Privatization leads to shift of power to an approximate autonomy.An option to privatize indian hockey will surely mean that a sport of national importance is being converted to an entrepreural venture, that in turn gets inclined towards leeching profits.And hence the power of people and its representatives to check and crosscheck the system will be lost for ever.

An option…

is anna hazare a spent force

back drop:well one of my friend asked me to share my evening debate .And more over I do not deny things.

Good evening,coming straight to the motion and for the motion :team anna is a spent force, my answer is yes is. And there are long driven aspects and reasoning behind this affirmation. decline in support force:Democracy is contest of ideas.The way Hazare and to be precise annamenia has turned up ,it seems they have no stomach for an open debate.They are exhorting every one -one who is willing to listen or not to listen in the same line .This lack of rationalism ,lack of sensibility in his persuasion has led to a marginal decline in his fellow support,the large chunk of supporters of  anna's movement consist of upper middle class.They are the people who work in the corporates .they are the real benefactors of liberalization, privatization and globalization which has actually led to corruption.So the irony of situation that benefactors of corruption are against corr…

एक शहर धुंधला धुंधला सा

एक शहर धुंधला धुंधला सा 
मेरे अन्दर रहता है |
कुछ गलियां टेढ़ी मेढ़ी सी ,
चौराहे व्यस्त व्यस्त से ,
एक राज बनाये बैठे हैं |
आँखे उनकी ,बातें उनकी 
सब याद सजाये बैठे हैं |
लफ्ज़ मेरे बिखरे बिखरे 
एक आवाज बनाये बैठे हैं |
ध्वनि और प्रतिध्वनि 
एक अल्फाज़ बनाये बैठे है |
छोटी छोटी बातों पे 
वो मुहं लटकाए कहता है :
एक शहर धुंधला धुंधला सा 
मेरे अन्दर रहता है |

कुछ सिकन समेटे चेहरे हैं 
कुछ बेख़ौफ़ धड़कते मोहरे हैं 
कुछ लम्हों में खोये खोये 
कंधो पे मेरे सोये हैं |
कुछ गोदी में सर छुपाये 
सिसक सिसक के रोये हैं |
उन आँखों की मख्मूरियत; 
उन चेहरों की बेपर्द नीयत ,
सब दूर कहीं खामोसी की 
मखमल मिटटी में बोये हैं |
उन बिखरे बिखरे अश्कों का 
सैलाब  यहीं से बहता है |
एक शहर धुंधला धुंधला सा 
मेरे अन्दर रहता है |

और एक शहर है संग मेरे 
जो उलटी सीधी बातें करता है |
दो टूक सी बातों से 
भींगे भींगे डरता है |
घुटने टेके हाथ फैलाए 
सिक्कों की ख्वाहिश करता है |
खुद पे उसे विश्वास नहीं, 
अपनी कोई प्यास नहीं ,
जाने किस किस की बातों पे 
घबराता है मरता है |
एक शहर है संग मेरे 
जो उलटी सीधी बातें करता है |

इस शहर से दूर कहीं 
मैं उस शहर में खोया रहता…

आज कल

आज कल
लहरों सा  मौसम है ।
यादों के वास्ते
वक़्त कितना कम है।
कुछ लफ्ज जवां पे ;
आते आते से रह जाते हैं ।
उधेरबुन की खामोशियाँ
जाने क्या क्या कह जाते हैं।
कुछ कसमें हैं ,कुछ वादे हैं
कुछ बनते रिश्ते नाते हैं ।
व्यस्त व्यस्त से लम्हों में
बंटती कटती रातें हैं ।
मैं और मेरी तन्हाई
अक्सर  ये बातें करती हैं ;
जिंदगी आज कल
 इतनी व्यस्त ना होती तो क्या होता !!