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expectation minus expectation

Those days I was completely new to this city.I was not even loving this city,and to your surprise i am yet to love this city.And again to your surprise I never take love as a complicated issue.At least its not so complicated that it should be left to so called tagged romeos.
Those days peace meant to me a bread slice or so assumed treaties that history cherishes as a signature agreement to end a prolonged war.I wonder sometimes why history always remembers the war and forgets the bloodshed.How easily they shake hands ,smile (read act) and with bravest of sophistication they end the prolonged war.
Those days meetings meant to be a sign of honor.
This blog traces back its memory to that day.
july 20,2011.
A metallurgical engineering student was found hanging from the ceiling fan.
People say suicide is always a weak mind's consequence.well people love their right to speak i do love mine.
The pressmen the channelists ..they thought the guy must have failed in subjects...well they …

pages from my friend's diary

Memories are like a chilled bear can.It puts you either to abuse or to smile.
In my mind there are some old pages from my friend's diary.And the best part of the story is that years ago that diary was completely mine...i was the sole owner of that protracted  element;days passed and then i was the co-owner of that diary;days passed i lost my ownership rights on my heart...on my diary.And finally this story turned out to be a memory that my hysteresis should keep in mind....should trace and retrace it time and again.Like nobility puts itself prior to brutality so should love. well see what it reads and to be precise what i should interpret out of these pages.
nov 26,2010 4:30 pm Emblemed in tears. lost in oblivion. ....... hope my intelligencia will win or continue; hope i will get tired before i loose; hope i will be loved before i leave; ........... ...........
then there is one last november reads: nov 30,2010 8:30 pm one morning i will knee down in front n' not wait for roses to …

untouched diary pages

बचे खुचे डायरी के पन्ने लौटा दे मुझे उस उल्फ़त के  दो -चार पुराने से किस्से ।
उस साझे -साझे मोहबत से
मेरे अपने सारे हिस्से ।

प्यासे -प्यासे से नैन मेरे
लौटा दे मुझे वो चैन मेरे;
डूबे  हैं कहीं बिखरे -बिखरे
उन टुकरे-टुकरे अतीतों में ।
उन लफ़्ज़ों में ,उन गलियों में
उन सर्द परे मेरे गीतों में ।
उन  रातों में ,उन बातों में
बरसातों में ,उन शीतों में ।
उन बेफिक्रे से चेहरों में
उन भागती तपती शहरों में ।

लौटा दे मुझे उस उल्फ़त के
 दो -चार पुराने से किस्से ।

लौटा दे मुझे उस महफ़िल के
दो -चार सुलगती सी रातें ।
उस साझे -साझे बकवासों से
मेरी अपनी सारी बातें ।

सर्द पड़ी ये आहें मेरी
नर्म पड़ी ये बाहें मेरी ।
ढूंढ़े हैं कहीं ,
राहों पे
फुरसत से चलते दो -चार कदम ।
ढूंढ़े हैं कहीं ,
किसी गोद में
सोये सोये गिनते तारे हम ।
ढूंढ़े हैं कहीं ,
बाहों में
लिपटे -खोये दो -चार नयन ।
ढूंढे हैं कहीं ,
किसी खिड़की से
जाते -जाते से काफ़िर सावन ।

लौटा दे मुझे उस महफ़िल के
दो -चार सुलगती सी रातें ।

लौटा दे मुझे उस डायरी के
बचे -खुचे सारे पन्ने ।
जो आंसुओं के आर में
उस वक़्त भरे ना जा सके ।