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The Dilemma of Placement semester & कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते म फलेषु कदाचना

I sometimes wonder what drives people to keep walking in a dark street with no vision or certainty to reach the concerned landmark. Are we addicted to struggle ?

If you give me a book and say read it, someone will ask you questions from here after 10 days and if answered correctly , you get this Chhotu munch , I assure you I will read it . But before reading I will make sure that the concerned someone will ask me questions and that too from this book only . And then I will read it , why read? I will taste it , I will chew it , I will mug it down . I will read between the line and beyond the paragraph , to an extent that I can even explain the mark of punctuation . Its not for the Chhotu munch, Chhotu munch is just a metaphor, may be because this is the only chocolate which is not so sweet and I know. But the whole story is about the action and the fruit map.

So I wonder when I hear people saying prepare for placement. Preparing for placement is more about philosophy , it is so much so like hitting in the dark, walking in a street with all street lights dead.Its like practising some  high end preaching of Bhagwad Geeta " कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते म फलेषु कदाचना ". There is no Bull's eye , no set target, no set parameter to strike. Its like a game of permutation and combination : Finance, Consulting, Analytics, Coding , Core. You start a day with convolution technique of compound probability distribution and end up discussing government security bills in some different co-ordinate of your space. Its complete darkness , and everybody has his own interpretation for this. Consider you are reading equity valuation and a guy drops by , " Oh , you have Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen , Can I borrow it for some day" and the coin in your heads flips for the very moment  ( What the f****  do I need to read this now ? Oh boy there is some thing called group discussion too ) . SO you get into a sudden switch from equity valuation to TAGORE vs GANDHI as prescribed by Amartya Sen.

I tell you if there is some apt metaphor of life in this world, a metaphor with no bound rules your nineth semester is the fittest one for this. You never know what are you doing , you never know to what extent you are prepared, are you prepare enough to guess number of crows in IIT Kharagpur ? NO , its time to check your strategy again.

You go to some room and talk some salt about Greece failure and little bit of sweets about Alibaba IPO, and the very next hour 10 people add you to 10 different whatsapp groups. What else can be better than this unity in diversity ? You code your breakfast, estimate your lunch , study your case of snacks, hedge you hunger with dinner, and end up sleeping with barron's wordlist open .

I end up with the same from where I started , its complete darkness, every one is hitting in the dark, will some one assure me that you read this , I will ask you this ? I am just waiting for that moment.

And for people who are able to replicate कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते म फलेषु कदाचना , Kudos . You are the hero .


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"There was a grief I smoked
in silence, like a cigarette
only a few poems fell
out of the ash I flicked from it."
:Amrita pritam

The afternoon of october 31,2005, literature sensed the demise of an embodiment that was capturing the intensity of social dilemma, emotions of feminism and precisely the perpetual state of love making since time immemorial.

Those days I started nourishing my keen interest in hindi literature through translated works of this lady.  To be more qualitative behind the every craftsmanship that I started edging out with time , behind the reflection that my lines managed out of emotional and relational dictum there lies some inspiration .

Writings of Amrita Pritam were not like advises rather a demand redefining the norms and the social structure.
Today I erased my house number;
gifted the street plate
 to the long grown darkness.
And identity that defines
the road to my street
I immersed that to tidal waves.
Yet I have an answer
to your desperation to meet …