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Getting clicked is not a passion neither a choice . I realised this while talking to one of my friend about Diwali celebration . Precisely , while concluding the talk she said " wow , that's nice .Get yourself clicked ." 
I don't have much affection towards camera .Staying still in a pose that is arguably not so much as you are , is substantially not a matter to be appreciated .However I had a notion to keep safe the time and history through pictures . And with this perspective of clicking things just as a symbol of futuristic nostalgia I lived almost 24 years of my life . 

But this certainly is not the scenario . People don't get clicked just because they want to keep a part of evening safe with themselves . People get clicked or demand to get clicked because of a responsibility .That responsibility might be in form of a text from some HIGH COMMAND ,as it is in my case , or may be in form of INSTAGRAM demand , or may be in form of staying on social media in most recent skin,senses and  eyes you have . 
The idea solidified when I saw people in my home analysing all the pictures in the ceremony , post ceremony . Women discuss things like whether saree colour is matching with the rest or not , whether the light is perfect or not , furnitures and tiles are looking inanimate or not ...and etc. Some people are so busy in administrative progress of ceremony , they actually cherish the ceremony through videos and photographs .
Whatever may be the case getting clicked is certainly not an obsession , preferably
an act of responsibility it is . 


I don't smoke . I neither see it quite appreciable .No one does .As a matter of concern they spend first few reels of every movie ,write quotes like Cigarette is injurious to health in smallest font possible to spread the message . They have increased taxes to discourage .Still people smoke , and people smoke with passion .

I just met one person in my approximity .Senior and intelligent .Smart and diplomatic . He was drinking . To be precise he was drinking water .To be more precise he was drinking water in a Bisleri type bottle , the one that we buy during train journey . I just prefered to stop by and advise . 
" You know ,these Bisleri bottle are use and throw thing . They use worst quality plastics which can't be reused .Research on packaging material has also confirmed the fact that these plastics are carcinogenic , may cause cancer if uses are prolonged ."

He smiled genuinely and said " I know and I know since two years .Only you were telling the same story to some one while I was passing by ." 

I faked smile " But why are you continuing the use ?" 
And with these few words I am dedicating this blog to what he said next 
"If years and years hence I get a feeling of something carcinogenic in my blood and flesh , atleast I can elucidate and construe myself  ITS NOT CIGARETTE ,ITS BISLERI .

3. & SMILES 

Whenever I return from my weekend dinner , which I preferable take outside the campus .I buy a CIGARETTE . I have inclined myself to this habit .No this is not a metaphor as explained in " fault in our stars : the movie / book . I just gift it to a guy who smokes but is running devoid of stock . I just love the SMILES coming out of suspense .

People are busy buying gold this dhanteras , I am buying smiles . 
Arguably a happy diwali to my readers. Love & lots of Love .


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Hindi elocution 2015  P.S > script won team Bronze for RK .
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"There was a grief I smoked
in silence, like a cigarette
only a few poems fell
out of the ash I flicked from it."
:Amrita pritam

The afternoon of october 31,2005, literature sensed the demise of an embodiment that was capturing the intensity of social dilemma, emotions of feminism and precisely the perpetual state of love making since time immemorial.

Those days I started nourishing my keen interest in hindi literature through translated works of this lady.  To be more qualitative behind the every craftsmanship that I started edging out with time , behind the reflection that my lines managed out of emotional and relational dictum there lies some inspiration .

Writings of Amrita Pritam were not like advises rather a demand redefining the norms and the social structure.
Today I erased my house number;
gifted the street plate
 to the long grown darkness.
And identity that defines
the road to my street
I immersed that to tidal waves.
Yet I have an answer
to your desperation to meet …