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Reflections and memories : The Dalit story

Its saturday .
I can't deny the constructive that my mid-semester is going to start from Monday , yet while reading the COMMENT page The Hindu article titled " A rightward shifts in Dalit politics " reminds me of old days reflections and memories . As the author expresses his point of fractured dalit identity seeing its representation in BJP-NDA (read Modi -Paswan) ideology , the pretext reminds me some of the old reflections and memories  coming from my school day history and democratic lectures .

1. First story originates from a small village named Yeola , Nasik from where my friend Sarang yeola comes ,though he denies the point as he does not know much history except the history of architecture . Dr Ambedkar , In one of the conference in Yeola said that as it perpetuates social injustice , he does not want to die hindu. This whistle blowing statement lead to 1936 "all religion conference " where representatives from Muslim ,Sikh , Christian , Buddhism put forward their Brand etiquette to persuade the large Dalit population for conversion . 
However Buddhism clicked in persuasion game , and historians coined a new term " Ambedkar Buddhism" . Conversions followed in various parts of country having Dalit mass . Vows that Ambedkar prescribed to followers included 
I shall have no faith in Rama  and krishna,Gauri , Vishnu, Mahesh , Bramha etc  who are believed to be incarnation of God, nor shall I worship them....... and etc which included renouncement from Hinduism and acceptance of Buddhism .

While Ambedkar Buddhism vows for " I shall have no faith in Rama and Krishna ..." , Atal -Advani Jansangh sees "Rama and Krishna" as protagonist of catalysis and its metamorphosis to this prolific Modian- BJP.
Its sheer change in caste pitted political pretext that scholars , professors and research analysts have started believing that Dalits ,who perceive themselves as Ambedkar Buddhist are marching rightward , rightward and rightward...

Stamp printed by GOI in memoir of Jagjivan Ram

2.This story was narrated by my English teacher , during an exhibition in which I did one project on Devdas : sarat to Dilip Kumar to Shahrukh Khan . 
It was during 1977 , the ex Defence minister who pioneered formation of Bangladesh during his tenure ,broke his attachment from Indira , Joined Janta party so did V. P. Singh and all those who did not believe in Indira within Indira due to emergency pretext . 
This man , known as Jagjivan Ram (Father of Meera Kumar , the most recent silence please girl ) was widely accepted for his development politics and as a leader of dalit community.
A few days before election Jagjivan Ram addressed an Opposition rally at the famous Ram Lila Grounds in Delhi. It has been stated that Doordarshan , as directed by the then government allegedly attempted to stop crowds from participating in the demonstration by telecasting the blockbuster Rishi Kapoor' s Bobby, which was released just a few days ago .
The rally still drew large crowds, and a newspaper headline the next day ran "Babu beats Bobby" 

And there are many such memories attached with , but nobody reads a lengthy blog. 
Good Morning Saturday.

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"There was a grief I smoked
in silence, like a cigarette
only a few poems fell
out of the ash I flicked from it."
:Amrita pritam

The afternoon of october 31,2005, literature sensed the demise of an embodiment that was capturing the intensity of social dilemma, emotions of feminism and precisely the perpetual state of love making since time immemorial.

Those days I started nourishing my keen interest in hindi literature through translated works of this lady.  To be more qualitative behind the every craftsmanship that I started edging out with time , behind the reflection that my lines managed out of emotional and relational dictum there lies some inspiration .

Writings of Amrita Pritam were not like advises rather a demand redefining the norms and the social structure.
Today I erased my house number;
gifted the street plate
 to the long grown darkness.
And identity that defines
the road to my street
I immersed that to tidal waves.
Yet I have an answer
to your desperation to meet …

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मौत कोई कविता नहीं है | 

वो इस सदी का सबसे बेवक़ूफ़ शायर है
जिसने कह रखा है
"मौत तू एक कविता है |"
मौत कोई कविता नहीं है
कविता है - मौत के खिलाफ विद्रोह |
वो शायर मेरा हर …