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A short meet with Dr. Ithape and The infamous IB report

It was almost 12 noon ,as we the Bus stopped at the stand . Manish while trying to connect a call smiled to a side line car driver , "Priyadarshini ? "
 The driver nodded "Yes sir ,I am sent from Priyadarshini ".

As we reached i realized we are heading towards some doctor's clinic .I can smell the scent of doctor's clinic architecture and style in the building . Priyadarshini Grameen and Adiwashi Sevabhawi Sanstha ,sangamner is an NGO .Its charismatic to note that it has got a two floor well furnished office . And we three people have come here from 120 kms to evaluate and judge the suitability of this organization ,precisely speaking to mark whether the organization can handle watershed projects or not ?

Dr Ithape has certainly got the typical clear forehead , shaved ,hairs well oiled ; theoretically a doctor look that he has maintained since ages .Dr ithape heads the organization as he goes on prould showing us documents of his work and contribution .His papers and proposal claims he has done work in the fileds of HIV unmulam etc . The organization more over runs a child care centre which takes care of childer of criminals who are in jail ,of mothers who died , of father who beat/torture /molest  their kids. As my two of collegues are asking him questions ,I am absorbed in the last five year's audit report of organization. Dr.ithape is attempting to speak a clear and slow marathi , as he has been told that Mr.Kumar can understand only clear and slow marathi .It took me almost four to five minutes to understand that organization gets foreign funds , huge foreign funds at times though fund is thinning from last few years .
Dr Ithape explains how he has kept his wife's gold at stake to run the organization . Audit transactions are in crores and so has been the contribution of organization towards tribal community of the district.

To the extent ,that I have realized the morals and ethics of people working with Dr Ithape , his works are honest and excellent in this field . Though we marked the organization very less out of 100 , because we were bound to a proforma of marking .The organization had no experience in watershed works ,didn't have any engineer as employee however our love for Dr is extreme . 

While our document works were getting done , Dr. took us to show the child care centre .Its a well furnished three storey building , larger rooms with kids playing in a corner wearing smiles that cover dark deep agony within , kitchen and staffs ,entertainment hall and every thing that a Dr. can do to bring smiles on these faces. While getting up stairs Dr. Ithape shows us photos of his father and mother ,parabolically shaded with marigold garlands. 

Before departure ,He planned a vegetarian dinner ,where we frankly admired his work and did put our inference that his lack of experience in watershed field is an issue. Dr Ithape said " Government want experienced people ,yet has no plans to give experience to people ".
While these words stayed longer to my conscience , he dropped us to the Bus stand with a final hand shake .
We were seated back to the same journey of 120 kms , left with some poetry reading .

This day brings me back to the IB report on NGOs which identifies foreign funded NGOs ,negatively impacting 2 to 3 % of GDP. I agree there are few , but for those few the organizations like Priyadarshini is suffering , people like Dr. Ithape is being discouraged. This is dismantling and heart rendering.

Thats all for the night .
Good Night.


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"There was a grief I smoked
in silence, like a cigarette
only a few poems fell
out of the ash I flicked from it."
:Amrita pritam

The afternoon of october 31,2005, literature sensed the demise of an embodiment that was capturing the intensity of social dilemma, emotions of feminism and precisely the perpetual state of love making since time immemorial.

Those days I started nourishing my keen interest in hindi literature through translated works of this lady.  To be more qualitative behind the every craftsmanship that I started edging out with time , behind the reflection that my lines managed out of emotional and relational dictum there lies some inspiration .

Writings of Amrita Pritam were not like advises rather a demand redefining the norms and the social structure.
Today I erased my house number;
gifted the street plate
 to the long grown darkness.
And identity that defines
the road to my street
I immersed that to tidal waves.
Yet I have an answer
to your desperation to meet …