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AN OPEN LETTER TO Mr Chief minister : Arvind Kejriwal

Respected sir 
It has been years since Steve Jobs died , I was thinking to write an open letter via my blog .As this was the first time I read an open letter from a guy quoting " Dear Steve , please retire." I believe this is a new cool thing .And people , media persons , satirists and all crap of empty vessel people like me have written this to Rahul , to Tendulkar ,even to Godman like Asaram Bapu(pls don't read bapu ) and all those souls that ever made an appearance in media.I believe its a cool phenomena , an euphoria , submission of a writer's perspective which some times, if not expressed, kills within . 

Respected sir 

Never ever in the history  it has happened that people taking coffee with their girlfriend are discussing politics on tables of CCD. Today I saw four out of six tables in my proximity discussing you .I believe this is awesome and cool. I further believe this is a metamorphosis of time where educated elites of country for the first time are behaving like educated elites.

Sir , even your mother hall of residence (read Nehru hall) have started talking about political equations . I never heard them talking things other than O.P , Dramatics , choreography ,football , weightlifting and bawandars. I believe this is awesome and cool.

Yet the matter of concern lies here.I don't understand why people expect you to be a mathematical model of honesty.I feel this is quite a utopian expectation.I rather expect you to be a better politician .I expect you to make an amalgamated presence that reflects oratory of Vajpayee and anger of J.P. Narayan ;Vision of Indira and cranium of Arvind Kejriwal .Accept criticisms like Dr singh has been doing since ten years ,yet produce responses like Tendulkar.


I believe you have a better class of political understandings than the 70% of white kurta wearers sitting and watching slang videos on mobiles in the honored Parliament.I believe your act is not going to die like Asom Gana parishad , or Janta party . Because I have more faith in your algorithmic diplomacy and structural politics than your honesty .Honesty , morals , ethics are all ephemeral phenomenons ,I never bet my analysis on these .I bet on work , on attempts , on journey and you are excellent here in a comparative grading system.

With love , empathy and wishes 

Anupam Kumar.


  1. I am not saying he is corrupt or not the right person, infact he is better than most people in current politics not because he is good at heart but because he is smart and capable in all possible ways to do the given job. I do have a lot of respect for him.
    All i m saying is i think its too early to judge him with the loksabha elections ahead, you never know for sure what his true colors are.
    He has already done the good things that any party could have done in their entire tenure till date. Its better to be safe than sorry.

    I really hope that he will be the answer for current politics and all the good he has done without power in the past 5 -10 years after leaving IRS is not just another master plan to earn money. Yeah, the probability of that happening is really less, but you will know only after the loksabha elections.

    And yeah he did make the entire country to involve in the current day politics.


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"There was a grief I smoked
in silence, like a cigarette
only a few poems fell
out of the ash I flicked from it."
:Amrita pritam

The afternoon of october 31,2005, literature sensed the demise of an embodiment that was capturing the intensity of social dilemma, emotions of feminism and precisely the perpetual state of love making since time immemorial.

Those days I started nourishing my keen interest in hindi literature through translated works of this lady.  To be more qualitative behind the every craftsmanship that I started edging out with time , behind the reflection that my lines managed out of emotional and relational dictum there lies some inspiration .

Writings of Amrita Pritam were not like advises rather a demand redefining the norms and the social structure.
Today I erased my house number;
gifted the street plate
 to the long grown darkness.
And identity that defines
the road to my street
I immersed that to tidal waves.
Yet I have an answer
to your desperation to meet …